Acid Re-flux

I met with Alex and have been working with him for a few months now.  He has helped inspire and encourage me to improve my overall health on so many levels.  I initially went to him for acid reflux that I have been dealing with for many years and taking a lot of over-the-counter antacids products.  Little did I know, Alex not only got me off of these pills, he helped so many other secondary health issues that I wasn't even aware of. He shared his knowledge on natural health supplements that not only replaced my antacid pills but  actually healed my acid reflux.  I am now more aware of my body and the effects of food and lifestyle that impact my well-being.  I am so glad I met Alex and would highly recommend a holistic nutritionist. I have seen dramatic results in my skin, digestion, wise eating habits and overall well-being.  His knowledge was very helpful and will last a lifetime.

Domenic P.  - Toronto, ON

Lasting Health changes

I’ve known Alex for years and have been advised and consulted on various nutritional, supplemental, and health issues.  I’m a healthy physically fit male and exercise daily.  I have high blood pressure contributing to a mild heart condition mitigated by elevated alcohol consumption and high cholesterol. A year ago Alex created a diet and supplement regiment for me to follow to help remedy these health and behavioural issues.  I was put on a detox and liver cleanse followed by a vitamin/herbal supplement program and specific diet suited to meet my specific health needs.  Since then, I've made lasting changes, which have positively impacted my overall health and blood pressure levels.  Alex is extremely knowledgeable about a multitude of health issues as well as nutritional and supplement restrictions and/or changes required to achieve wellness.

Vincent M - St. Catharines

My Rosacea is no longer an issue

I met with Alex last summer after feeling like I had hit a plateau with my nutrition / eating plan. I was active and for the most part healthy but could not lose any weight nor increase my energy level.

After meeting with Alex everything changed almost instantly. Once looking at what I was currently eating he came up with a food protocol consisting of a variety of meals, snacks and recipes specifically designed to fit into my lifestyle. We did a grocery store tour which made everything very easy for me. Alex explained in detail and showed me a variety of healthier alternatives to my regular food choices that I wasn't even aware of.

What made my progress most enjoyable was Alex's easy going approach and his level of knowledge on food and nutrition. He taught me about healthy compromise and that I didn't have to fear or feel guilty if I had a snack - it was all about small steps towards my long term health that I could make a lifestyle from and not a "Diet" that I was afraid I could not stick to. Over the next few months my energy levels continued to increase, my workouts are improving and the weight keeps coming off .

I also suffered from Rosacea for many years and I am happy to say with all the nutrition and vitamin recommendations from Alex this Is no longer an issue!!!

Thank you!

Laura M. - Toronto, ON

Skin Sensitivity

Throughout my life I have always experienced skin issues, and they have constantly caused problems for me. My skin has a U.V sensitivity that causes my skin to be inflamed and turn into a bumpy red rash on my arms, hands, face, and neck only. This has always affected my confidence and day to day life. Since I have started taking the recommendations from Alex, I have had very positive results. My skin has completely cleared up from redness and dry itchy areas, to smooth healthy looking skin. I have tried everything before from dermatologists, doctors, allergists, plastic surgeons, and advice from health food stores. I have never experienced results or results that do not last long term. With the helpful advice on nutrition and knowledge of common causes of skin imperfections, I have now removed all of these from my diet. In addition, Alex introduced me to natural skin care remedies and supplements that nourish and heal my skin instead of prescription creams/products were just temporary "band-aid" relief for me. I finally have immediate improvements in my skin and I am thankful for the helpful advice and knowledge that Alex shared with me.

Kurtt P - Orangeville, ON

Resolved my IBS

I am a middle aged professional and I was suffering from IBS for several years.

Alex met with me and did a thorough and complete analysis of my symptoms and daily routine. He developed a detailed schedule and diet for me that I was able to follow quite easily, even with my busy schedule. He educated me on what foods to avoid and why, and provided me with healthy alternatives. He took me to the grocery store and educated me on brands and how to properly read labels and assess ingredients.

I am very happy to say that today, I am now symptom free of IBS. I had to write this testimonial because I think it is necessary for me to share my experience with others that may be living with IBS and are looking for help. Alex helped me resolve my digestive issues and handled my case with great care & professionalism. Thanks again Alex......

Tom P. - Toronto, ON

Constipation and Digestive issues

I am a new mom with a 1 year old.  My daughter was experiencing constipation that didn't seem to resolve.  Alex came to my house to visit and do a consultation with us.  After going over the foods/diet that I was feeding my 1 year old, Alex explained the importance of certain foods and simple things like water and hydration.  He actually took the time to show me exactly what foods to use - we prepared them that day and literally the next day my daughter's digestion showed relief. Not only was her digestion corrected, but her mood/behaviour was really affected from the discomfort of constipation. My daughter is more at ease, less irritable and overall more content!   Alex really made it simple and clear why certain foods promote healthy digestion and why avoiding others prevent constipation.  I am so glad and relieved for his knowledge and personal help.  Great guy to work with, lots of attention to detail and so much info that we are not always taught as new mothers.  Thank you Alex!!

Antonella T. (& Lucy) Toronto-ON